New Year’s in Niagara Falls

Winter in Niagara Falls

Finding something to do during the winter in Niagara Falls is a snap. Parties are everywhere, especially in a place like Niagara Falls where there are so many hotels and two world-class casinos each planning their own bash (not to mention the big, free outdoor concert near the brink of the falls that’s expected to attract at least 20,000 people.

But how about New Year’s Day? What kind of family-friendly plan can you come up with that will please your kids and you without taking a really big bite out of your budget?

Try this: Make the drive to Niagara Falls on January 1 and make a day of it from start to finish by making a few stops around town. Here’s a plan you can work from (feel free to adapt it to your own desires).  First: Just to remind yourself of what it’s really all about, park for free at Dufferin Islands and walk a kilometre or so along the edge of the Niagara River to stand at the brink of the Horseshoe Falls. Bundle up the family, and take a few minutes to pause at the top of the falls to drink in the atmosphere.

It’s not an accident that this scene has captivated visitors for hundreds of years. The sight and sound of water rushing over the falls, just a few feet below you, is intoxicating. No glamour. No glitter. Just nature at its very finest.

After that, you can keep walking or go back for your car and then head over to Clifton Hill for some original Niagara Falls fun. For decades, the museums, curiosity shops and restaurants was what kept tourists coming back to the city.

And here is the perfect nightcap – take your family on a drive through the falls area to enjoy the world-famous Winter Festival of Lights. It’s an eight-kilometre route featuring hundreds of illuminated attractions and millions of sparking Christmas lights.

Start back at Dufferin Islands where the trees and displays light up the night, then make your way along the Niagara Parkway toward the falls. The lights, set against the night sky, are truly breathtaking. And there is no admission charge, though donations are gratefully accepted.

What a great way for your family to love a day at Niagara Falls.

Photo credit:  Instagram Image:  Skirakhrys


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