Niagara Falls WildPlay Attraction

Niagara Falls Wild Play Attraction

When you stay at the Holiday Inn by The Falls, we definitely want you to have a fantastic time. That’s why we’re going to give you a quick rundown of one of what we think are the most amazing attractions in Niagara Falls: the WildPlay Adventure Courses!

Under a five-minute car-drive north from the Holiday Inn by The Falls, the WildPlay Adventure Courses are a fantastic attraction for anyone to visit while they’re in town to see the Niagara Falls.

The Adventure Courses are divided into three separate courses, each one being built for a different type of experience.

Oh, did we mention these were aerial obstacle courses?

That’s right! The entire collection of WildPlay Adventure Courses are built at varying heights above the ground, and at Holiday Inn By The Falls, we’re going to run you through a quick description of each one so that you can fix in your mind the course you want to try when you get there.

You might start with the WildPlay Classic Courses, which has an age requirement starting at just seven years old, and does need an adult to accompany anyone younger than thirteen. The course starts you off two meters above the ground, and lets you get used to things before it gets taller and taller, higher and higher off the ground.

Combined with the height challenge, the WildPlay Adventures Classic Courses sports a series of engaging games to play and ziplines at the sort of heights that give you an amazing view and really let you get a feel for the Niagara Falls up-close and personal.

If that’s not enough for you, the WildPlay Adventures Classic Course has an add-on to it, recently opened: those courses are known as the Extreme attachment to the normal WildPlay Adventures Classic Course.

What’s different about the Extreme attachment? It takes place sixty feet in the air at minimum, and is meant to physically and mentally challenge all comers. But don’t worry! The same age rules apply, and there are Guides stationed under the equipment whom you can call to for help in case you get stuck.

With plenty of safety equipment and netting, with experts to watch over you and with your children safely accompanied by you yourself, the WildPlay Adventure Classic Courses with their Extreme add-ons are a safe, immersive and fun experience for anyone in the Niagara Falls region.

A last element of the WildPlay Adventure Courses for us to talk about today is the Kid’s Courses, which support ages five to twelve years old though still with a chaperone to look on. The Kid’s Courses are fifteen feet off the ground and feature simple bumple ziplines just for young guests. No adults allowed so you’ll have to do your chaperoning from the ground!

The Holiday Inn by The Falls totally recommends the WildPlay Adventures Courses while you’re visiting us in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. You’ll have a great time, your kids (should they exist) will have a great time, and you’ll wind up ziplining down into the bottom of the gorge where you can enjoy the Falls from the ground up.  Book your Niagara Falls stay now.

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