Travel with Your Kids to Niagara Falls this Summer


9 Planning Tips for Your Trip to Niagara Falls

Does traveling to a famous Fallsview tourist destination like Niagara Falls sounds exhilarating… until you consider the stress and expense of bringing along your whole family? Whether you’re a family of four, or are considering a multi-generational trip with your kids and parents, these tips will help you all survive, thrive and enjoy your trip. If you’re planning a trip to our hotel in Niagara Falls, make sure to give this a good read!

  1. Hornblower Niagara Cruises – A big hit with kids and adults of all ages, everyone loves experiencing the Falls close up and getting soaked. It’s not just a gentle mist — prepare to get very wet. It’s a good idea to take off your socks and roll up your sleeves and pants so that you’re not soaked through for the rest of the day. There are wet and dry sections on the boat so getting soaked is not mandatory. The Fireworks – Illumination Cruise is another great option you can watch the fireworks right from the boat and as these cruises do not go as close to the Falls you do not soaked at all.
  2. Arrive early – If you’re planning to go to Hornblower Niagara Cruises or other popular attractions consider starting your day off early. Hornblower Niagara Cruises is popular so if you go early you will avoid some big crowds and long lines (two things that don’t mix well with kids).
  3. Bring a lunch – If you are looking to save money on food or if your children have allergies that restaurants might struggle to accommodate then pack a picnic lunch.
  • Dufferin Islands- located just south of the Horseshoe Falls just off the Niagara Parkway secluded nature area is a perfect place to relax and unwind. There is plenty of time to run around and many great trails to explore.
  • Queen Victoria Park – located in the heart of Niagara Falls this large park has lots of places for your family to enjoy an affordable home-made picnic lunch.
  1. If you’re doing the Hornblower boat should you also do the Journey Behind the Falls?  The experience is quite different from one to the other, the Hornblower is in the river up front of the Falls, while the Journey Behind the Falls is a more relaxed experience where you and the kids can see the water fall from behind the scenes as well as feel the awesome power and mist while you stand right beside the Falls.
  2. Consider age when planning to visit Clifton Hill attractions – If you’ve got tweens then wax museums, rides, games and haunted houses will probably be a big hit. The little ones will like attractions like Bronto’s Playhouse better. The Niagara Skywheel is suitable for any age, the enclosed climate control cars afford a wonderful view of the Falls and area without the scary feel of the open air cars. The gift shops offer a huge selection of gifts for kids of any age.
  3. The Skylon Tower– Another suitable for the whole family attraction. You can take your time enjoying the view of the Falls and Niagara area , the elevator ride to the is a thrill for anyone. At the bottom of the Tower they have the Family Fun Centre for arcade games and they also have the 3D/4D movie. Of course getting a family going over the Falls in barrel is a Niagara Falls staple for most.
  4. If you’re travelling from the United States – Make sure you check with Canada Border Services Agency and your State’s website for information about the travel documents you’ll need to cross the border, questions you might be asked and the items and food that you can and cannot bring into Canada. A little research ahead of time can help you avoid long delays, fines or problems coming across to Canada. Note that your kids may be interviewed as to who they are traveling with and why. Let them know that they may be asked some questions so they are not caught off guard. Make sure they understand that these questions are for their own safety.
  5. Come prepared for the weather – As a top tourist destination you’ll want to make sure you bring items like sunscreen, waterproof cameras, hats and bottled water with you. If you have to purchase these items in Niagara Falls expect to pay a premium.
  6. Look for a package – There are a number of packages that include accommodation and attractions, like the Holiday Inn Fallsview Attraction Package (kids 12 and under stay and eat for free). These packages are ideal for families who plan to hit all the major entertainment areas of Niagara Falls – they include entry fees with the cost of meals and accommodations and will save you money overall.

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