4 Reasons To Make A Niagara Falls Hotel Reservation

When it comes to staying in Niagara Falls hotels, reservations are a must. With a world famous natural landmark, a casino that features top names in entertainment, and other attractions to boot, the best hotels in Niagara Falls fill up quickly, and sometimes even finding a second or third choice is impossible. We highly recommend booking early to ensure you get your preferred dates and the Niagara Falls experience you want. There’s lots to see and do in Niagara Falls! Here are some popular experiences that are better when you book:

  1. Enjoy the Falls Morning, Noon, and Night

The sun rise over Niagara Falls is a truly breathtaking sight in person. While the Falls roar, the streets are quiet and the chatter of Clifton Hill is yet to begin, making an ideal time to soak in the true beauty of the Falls. Of course, if sleeping in is more your thing, another perk of reserving a quality hotel room is cuddling up in luxury to enjoy a few extra hours of rest, slow down, and enjoy everything the city has to offer at your speed.

A wonderful part of Niagara Falls is watching how the waterfalls changes throughout the day. Imagine enjoying your favourite morning drink on a private balcony before heading down to the witness the astonishing power of the Falls at sunrise.  Enjoy the thrilling Niagara Falls themed attractions like the Journey Behind the Falls or the WildPlay Zipline and gain a whole new perspective. At some point, you’ll want to make your way through the bustling crowd, which is a sight in itself, and up to the guard rail for a closer look in the afternoon.  At night enjoy the illuminated Falls, or take in a fireworks display in Queen Victoria Park or from Hornblower Niagara Cruises for a closer look. Seeing the Falls at different times of the day gives you a fuller experience of Niagara Falls. Anyone who is interested in photography will enjoy shooting the different lighting and effects the mist can have.

  1. Guarantee Your Place During Peak Season

Peak tourist season may be a little hectic at times, but there is a reason the Falls is so popular in the summer months. While many attractions can and do operate year-round, some of the most popular ones that put you closest to the Falls like Hornblower Niagara Cruises and the WildPlay Zipline have limited, weather-dependant operating seasons. With so much to do, who wants to waste time finding a place to stay? When you book in advance, you can start planning itinerary right away. Some attraction even offer online advanced purchases at discounted rates, so you can save a bundle in both time and money. Check out the Holiday Inn by the Falls Attractions Package here

  1. Come and Visit for Exciting Events

Venues like the Fallsview Casino Resort and Scotiabank Convention Centre bring in celebrity and international star performers, as well as highly-rated festivals. It is much more difficult to find a preferred room on nights and weekends when top names and events are taking place. When you book a room, you have the freedom to change and freshen up after your drive, as well as tie one on and have a good time. The next day you can explore the sights before heading back home. With fun events like the Winter Festival of Lights and venues like Coco’s Terrace Steakhouse that showcase local musical talent, there is always something more to discover about Niagara Falls.

  1. Hotel Reservations Make Occasions Special

Niagara Falls is a fantastic getaway for newlyweds or couples celebrating anniversaries and milestones. It’s a frequent destination for friends looking to enjoy the nightlife, or families who want to visit one of the world’s most incredible natural wonders. In short, it’s a destination for all occasions.

Booking a hotel room in advance allows you to make the most of any occasion. At Holiday Inn by the Falls, we’ve already thought of everything, allowing you to relax and enjoy, rather than stress about the little things that we’ve already got covered. Vacation packages are another great way to simplify your stay by providing you with all you need for a Niagara Falls vacation.

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