WildPlay Ariel Obstacle Courses: A Top Niagara Attraction

Niagara Falls Wild Play Attraction

People stay at the Holiday Inn by The Falls when they want to have a fun-filled Niagara Falls vacation and be right in the centre of all the action & attractions. Experience more of what Niagara has to offer at WildPlay Adventure Courses, a top attraction and family favourite for thrill seekers, athletes, and those who like a fun and exciting challenge … and did I mention it’s located along the Niagara Parkway & Gorge?

Under five-minutes by car from the Holiday Inn by The Falls, WildPlay Adventure Courses is a unique and active experience that people ages five and up can participate in. With three separate course designs, you can choose your own level of adventure! Challenge your friends or siblings to an to the entire collection of WildPlay Adventure Courses if you think you have what it takes. For those who opt out, make sure to enjoy the beautiful grounds and view of the Niagara River & Gorge, that is if you can take your eyes off the activity! It’s a good idea to have your camera battery charged so you can bring home proof of the feats you accomplish.

The courses are built at varying heights above the ground. A family favourite is the WildPlay Adventure Classic Courses, which has an age requirement starting at seven years old, with all children under the age of thirteen requiring adult accompaniment . The course starts off two meters above the ground and lets you get your bearings before becoming taller and taller, higher and higher off the ground. Combined with the height challenge, the WildPlay Adventures Classic Courses sports a series of engaging games to play, along with zip lines that allow you to enjoy a spectacular view and get a feel for Niagara, up-close and personal.

Need a stronger dose of adrenaline? The Extreme Attachment to the normal WildPlay Adventures Classic Course has got you covered. With a base height of sixty feet in the air, the course is designed to physically and mentally challenge all who approach it. No need to stress though, as there are guides there to help you through at all stages.

Safety is of the utmost importance at WildPlay Adventure Courses. Reinforced safety equipment and netting, as well as experts to watch over you and your children make WildPlay a safe yet thrilling and immersive way to spend a day in Niagara Falls.

In addition, WildPlay Adventure Courses also offers Kid’s Courses specifically for children five to twelve years who have an adult chaperone to look on. Fifteen feet off the ground, these Kid’s Courses feature simple Bumple Ziplines perfect for young guests.

At Holiday Inn by The Falls, we recommends the WildPlay Adventures Courses to families, groups of friends, and even couples who are visiting us in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. What are you waiting for? You’ll all have a great time climbing, maneuvering, and zip lining down into the the gorge, where you get to experience a whole new perspective of Niagara. Book your Niagara Falls stay now and learn more about how you could rise to new heights at WildPlay Adventure Courses.

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