The Holiday Season in Niagara Falls

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Christmas at Niagara Falls is a beautiful time: snow on the ground and in the trees, icicles formed on the railing atop the falls themselves.
Sometimes, too, a genuine ice bridge forms below the falls – an extremely thick crust of ice linking both sides of the Niagara River and where, believe it or not, people used to go hiking and tobogganing.

It’s even more beautiful indoors in Niagara Falls, though, when you visit the Floral Showhouse to take in the annual poinsettia show.
It’s a true highlight of the season, and attracts flower lovers (and anyone who just wants to bathe in the gorgeous colours and scents of the greenhouse).

It runs from Nov. 23 through Jan. 9, and the stars of the show are more than just the poinsettias. There are also azaleas, paper white narcissus, cyclamen, Christmas cactus and all sorts of other beautiful, natural wonders.

The Niagara Parks Commission operates the Floral Showhouse, staffed by its expert gardeners and horticulturists.
Visitors come by the busload for this show, and the timing makes it an ideal stop for people coming to Niagara Falls to take in the annual Winter Festival of Lights.

When you come, the Holiday Inn By The Falls on Murray Street makes for a wonderful holiday headquarters.

On the hill overlooking the area of the falls and Queen Victoria Park, the view at night this time of year is simply spectacular – especially on nights when there is a fireworks show over the falls.

The location also makes it an ideal place from which to set out for your adventures in town. Want to go to the Fallsview Casino? It’s just down the street.

Maybe you’re more in mind for Casino Niagara, the city’s other gaming palace? It’s not much farther away, over on Clifton Hill, and that puts you in the vicinity of a million and one ways to pass your days as a tourist.

Closer to home, the hotel is situated in the famous Fallsview district, known for its fun nightlife, stunning lineup of top-notch restaurants and nearness to the Scotiabank Convention Centre, which is also busy with attractions and events year-round.

Start with the poinsettia show, though. That will put you in the perfect Christmas frame of mind to enjoy all the other amenities Niagara Falls has to offer at this time of the year.

As they say, it becomes a whole new city at the peak of winter.

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