Breakations: the New Vacation for Busy Couples

Breakations are the New Vacation for Busy Couples

You know what a vacation is (even if it’s been way too long since your last one), and you have probably also heard of a “staycation”, where you take time off of work and stay at home while maybe getting around to some forgotten projects or much-needed “me time”. With fluctuation in the exchange rate, it’s hard to properly plan for an international getaway (let’s not even bring up the banking fees). Canadians are opting to travel closer to home, as is clear with the “Breakation”—a current trend throughout Ontario.

So, what is a Breakation? It’s a short, relaxing break just far enough away from home so you can experience the benefits of a true vacation for less time and money. More and more couples from the GTA and surrounding area are looking to Niagara Falls for the break they need from their busy lives. Travelling the relatively short distance to Niagara Falls allows these couples the opportunity to:

  • Spend less time travelling and more time relaxing and having fun
  • Take advantage of last minute, spontaneous plans (and studies show spontaneity is good for your relationship)
  • Spend less money (which for some couples is the difference between going on vacation or not taking a break at all)
  • Use less vacation time that can be saved for emergencies or another Breakation!

Whether it’s work or a short break from family life, couples can recoup and reconnect with a Breakation package at the Holiday Inn Fallsview, which includes:

With more than 650 reviews, Trip Advisor rates Holiday Inn Fallsview as one of the top hotels in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Still not convinced? The New York Times and the Huffington Post report that:

  • People who take frequent vacations are happier
  • Relaxing while on vacation is good for your brain
  • Allowing your brain to day-dream enhances creativity and problem-solving abilities
  • People who take vacations are more effective at their jobs
  • People derive happiness from planning a vacation—so researchers recommend taking smaller, shorter vacations more frequently rather than one large vacation every few years.

Psychology Today is just one of many publications that report couples who vacation together experience:

  • Stronger relationships
  • Improved levels of intimacy
  • Better communication
  • Opportunities to bond through shared experiences and collective memories
  • Better health and improved mental states
  • Slower aging (yes, science shows that vacations can help you stay young)

Make it Happen

Once you’ve decided you need a Breakation, the next step is to book time off (consider taking an extra long weekend from work, or if you simply can’t get away stay Friday and Saturday night), find a baby sitter, dog sitter (or both), and then book your accommodations. The season is certainly a consideration. Visiting Niagara Falls in the winter and summer will offer two very different experiences, which is why many couples choose to come to the area twice a year.

Niagara Falls in Winter

From Ice Wine Festivals to the famous Festival of Lights, there is lots to do in Niagara Falls throughout the winter. Catch a show, then watch the seasonal lights and fireworks from your hotel suite while enjoying a glass of champagne in your whirlpool tub for two. There’s nothing quite as romantic as Niagara Falls in the winter time.

Niagara Falls in Summer

If you’re looking to experience all that the Falls has to offer including the Maid of the Mist and summer concert series, then you’ll want to plan your trip in summer. It’s a popular time to visit Niagara Falls where you can walk through the beautiful Niagara Botanical Gardens and then cool off as the mist of the Falls offers much-needed relief from the heat.

Don’t forget to book your wine tour and consider visiting quaint Niagara-on-the-Lake or take in a show at nearby Shaw Festival, where you are sure to make lasting memories.

So what are you waiting for? Book your next Breakation at the Holiday Inn Fallsview and take advantage of fantastic deals and luxury accommodation.