Holiday Inn’s Exclusive Dining Packages during the Winter Festival of Lights

There’s no better time to plan your Niagara Falls getaway than during the Winter Festival of Lights. Elevate your stay with Holiday Inn’s exclusive dining getaway packages; the Enchanted Package or the Breakation Package. Both offer a culinary journey at the iconic Skylon Tower and our cozy on-site restaurant, Coco’s Steakhouse. Let’s unwrap the delights that await you during this festive season!

A Short Walk to Wonderland

Holiday Inn by the Falls boasts a prime location, just a short walk away from the falls and the heart of the Winter Festival of Lights. Your escape to holiday cheer begins right at our doorstep.

Murray Hill, Niagara Falls Canada. Image courtesy of Niagara Falls Tourism.

Dazzling Nightly Falls Illuminations

Picture this: a winter evening, the falls aglow with a mesmerizing play of colors. With our dining packages, you’re not just witnessing the nightly falls illuminations; you’re savoring a gourmet meal at the Skylon Tower, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Niagara Falls in its winter splendor.

Sparkling Skies

The magic doesn’t end with the illuminations. Our packages align with the spectacular fireworks schedule, turning your night into a symphony of lights and colors. Imagine dining amidst the cascading fireworks, creating memories that sparkle as brightly as the winter stars.

Fireworks Schedule:

  • November: 18, 24-25 at 8:00pm
  • December: 1-2, 8-9, 15-16, 22-31 at 8:00pm
  • December 31 * NYE at 12:00am
  • January: 1-7 at 8:00pm

Savour the Heights at Skylon Tower

Your journey begins with dinner at the world-renowned Skylon Tower. Perched high above the falls, you’ll indulge in an extraordinary dining experience with panoramic views of the winter wonder below. A feast for your senses, both culinary and visual, awaits as you relish each bite while overlooking the frost-kissed beauty of Niagara.

Coco’s Restaurant

Guests of the Holiday Inn Murray Hill can enjoy our on-site restaurant. Coco’s is conveniently located; only a short walk to the falls.

Festival of Lights Extravaganza Until January 7th, 2024

The Winter Festival of Lights is an event that stretches into the new year. You’ll have ample time to revel in the joy of the season and the beauty of Niagara’s winter landscape.

Book Your Winter Escape Today

Holiday Inn by the Falls invites you to embrace the festive spirit with our exclusive dining packages. Your winter escape is more than a stay; it’s a celebration of lights, flavors, and the magic of Niagara Falls during the most wonderful time of the year.

Book your Holiday Inn dining package today and let the enchantment begin!